Three hundred year old house on David Street: La Bannière

The hostelry where hangs for sign the Banner of France (Censive of the chapter of the cathedral) owed two surcens of 66 livres 13 sols 4 deniers and 20 sols to the church Saint-Cyr, one of 8 livres to the factory of Saint-Marcel-sous-Laon and another of 5 livres 7 sols 6 deniers to that of Sainte-Geneviève. This last one was constituted in 1685 by Catherine BARRE, widow of François COURTOIS, host of the Jean BERTON hostelry acquired from the COURTOIS heirs (of the campaign, December 5, 12689 and January 11, 1690) The Banner, which was in 1700 the Theatre of a brawl in which the knight d' Espinoy found the death

The novelist Jules HUSSON, known as "CHAMPFLEURY", had the hero of his book come down to the hostellerie de la Bannière. He sold it, on March 22, 1745 (Le Nain), for 6,284 livres, to Philbert REGNAULT, a master cook (+1750), and this one left it to his widow, Marie-Louise BOITELLE, remarried by Pierre CARBONNEAUX (+1787), and his son, Charles-Philbert REGNAULT, a councillor at the Hôtel de ville and a merchant-draper. François-Claude CELLIER bought it from them, with a bench in the church of Saint-Cyr, on August 12, 1789 (Rousseau), for 7,370 livres

  • In 1830, the mail of Saint-Quentin left every day from BOUDINOT's, host of the Bannière, at four o'clock in the evening and arrived at ten o'clock in the evening.
  • In 1904, the Hotel where hangs for sign " the Bannière of France " was constituted in 1685 by Catherine BARRE.
  • From 1926 to 1961, the THIEBAUT Family managed the hotel whose banqueting room was a place impossible to circumvent of the life of Laonnoise with the installation of the first cinematograph of the city

  • In 1967, Paul and Lieselotte LEFEVRE, trained at the Lausanne Hotel School in Switzerland, took over the management of the establishment and modernized it to increase the quality of the welcome. The restaurant quickly became a renowned restaurant in the region.
  • In 1990, after the death of her husband, Lieselotte LEFEVRE continued the business with passion and the same professionalism

Over the years, the Hotel de la Bannière has welcomed many celebrities who have increased the notoriety of this three hundred year old house, including Marcel PAGNOL, Charles TRENET, Queen Marie-Josée of Italy, King Léopold of Belgium, Line RENAUD, Claude PIEPLU, Raymond DEVOS, Michel BOUQUET and Lambert WILSON.

Today, the hotel continues its history with the arrival of Karine and Hassan Moustadraf who have well preserved the charming family hotel that appeals to the clientele to distinguish itself from the impersonal signs that flourish on the outskirts of cities.